16 July 2019

Corporate Travel Planning

We think of everything you need for a perfect and comfortable business trip from start to finish.

From ticket transactions to accommodation for your corporate trips that you plan to carry out at home and abroad; we are looking forward to working with you if you want to have a reliable solution partner that plans everything from A to Z for you, from visa procedures to transfer services.

First, we listen to you and understand your needs, and then we present you ideas that are tailored to you and your planned business trip.

Wherever and what conditions you want, we detail your business trip in such a way, and we provide a thorough and hassle-free process with our experienced team to serve meticulously.

Some of the services we offer for your corporate travels are:

  • Search for flight alternatives
  • Booking and option conditions tracking
  • Cancellations; time, day and name changes
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Special price alternative offerings according to the purpose and demands of the companies
  • Performing and following up visa procedures for foreign business trips including VIP visa applications and consular appointments
  • Car rental for your business trip, VIP transfer, and transportation services for your future needs
  • Accommodation planning with alternative price and comfort options
  • Travel insurance transactions

We seem to hear you say “What is more?”;

Let’s talk and see what more can we do together 😉