16 July 2019

Event Management


Behind every successful organization, there are an experienced team and great energy.

We are aware of the responsibilities of corporate life. That is precisely why we consider up to the finest details of all kinds of event you plan to realize, no matter where in the world and Turkey. What is more, we also look after your interests in every situation to complete our organizations successfully. 

Some of the areas we serve:

  • Meetings, dealer meetings, fairs, launch meetings, training meetings, term meetings, motivation meetings, conferences and symposiums, special sightseeing groups, team activities, campaigns, opening and laying ceremonies, celebrations
  • Themed and cultural trips for institutions
  • Gala organizations, artists, New Year organizations
  • Product launches, opening, invitation, and fair services
  • Concerts, sports organizations and press visits
  • Project analysis service, VIP services, boat trips, trip consultancy, incentive and dealer trips, congress services
  • Training seminars
  • Themed picnics for institutions and organizations
  • Food organizations
  • Technical equipment installation services
  • Themed corporate team building organizations

Some of the details we are interested in when planning all these activities;

  • Identification of needs such as orientation, branding, visual and technical support in the venue where the event will be held
  • Accommodation management, transportation services and catering organization for the event venue
  • Registration, information and guidance support
  • Team support for digital media social management and more
  • Interpreter and guide services (simultaneous translation, etc.)
  • Cultural activity planning (museum visits, panoramic tours, alternative activities, gourmet tours, tasting trips, concerts, performance shows, invitation to participate in world-famous events)
  • Stand area rental and stand design for fairs and events
  • Graphic design and printed material support
  • PR, communication and customer service

We are honored to share our experience and energy with you.

We would love to hear your plans and provide you with customized solutions.

Let’s talk and see what more can we do together 😉