16 July 2019

Equipment Solutions

In order to respond to the technical needs of organizations in the corporate and private sector and to contribute to the successful conclusion of your planned activity with every effort, we provide equipment support by considering all details specific to your event.

We are aware of the importance of both technical meeting equipment and lighting and sound systems in order to ensure that the given invitations and planned events are perfect. In order to produce the most suitable solution for you, we cooperate with the experts of the sector-specific to your event and we will rehearse your future success before the event day.

  • Meeting Equipment Rental (Projector and Screen, Wireless Microphone)
  • Flipchart, DVD / CD Player, Laptop, Technician)
  • Congress Equipment Rental (Simultaneous systems, headset and lapel microphones, planning and programming services)
  • Desk and Lectern Designs
  • Server and Animator Services
  • Gala, Party & Concert Organizations
  • Decoration
  • Corporate Identity Studies
  • Sound, Light and Vision Systems Rental
  • Opening and Cocktail Sound and Light Systems
  • Stage SetupLed Display Installation
  • Effect Machines (Fog Machine, Snow Machine, Foam Machine, Wind Simulator, etc…)
  • Podium Installation
  • Backstage Projector Installation
  • Led Panels, Decorations
  • Desk and Stand Installation

We minimize risk and put together all the right parts for your organization to be successful.

You can contact us for more information about the equipment support we provide.