10 Questions to Answer in the Congress Planning Process


The congress planning process is very important and it can be also risky for an organizer. So, we gathered some important issues in order for the organizer to reach complete and successful results and to continue this intensive process effectively after the congress.

Below you will find 10 topics that you should consider when planning a congress:

  • Are the speakers finalized? Have the presentation and speech contents of the speakers been announced?
  • Have plans been made regarding the transportation and accommodation needs of the participants?
  • Have financial processes been reviewed for the Congress? Are registration fees and sponsors determined?
  • Are details such as catering, technical equipment, security services, parking, and routing considered?
  • Has a list of invitations, posters (if necessary) and social media accounts been prepared?
  • Is the photographer and cameraman booked?
  • Is the seating arrangement clear? Is there a list of VIP guests?
  • Is the program flow ready and has been shared with the guests?
  • Have the speakers’ microphones and ID badges been prepared?
  • Has an evaluation form been prepared in order to gather positive and negative feedback from the participants after the organization is over?

We are aware that you have a busy business life and we are aware of how important the congress will be for you and your company.

We can complete all these details for you with our experienced staff and we can work together for successful event management.

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